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BizDiag 1.9: Switch to Mono/GTK# completed

The BizDiag versions 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 were based on Windows, .NET, Windows.Forms and Piccolo. Starting with version 1.9 BizDiag is based on Linux, Mono and GTK#.
The primarily intention, to develop for Windows and Linux in parrallel, has been given up because of the incomplete implementation of Windows.Forms for Mono/Linux.
The new intention is to create a full featured GTK# application and to support the Mono/GTK# community.

Posted by Steffen Ploetz 2012-11-17

BizDiag: Service Release 1 completed

Update to Version 1.1 released.
New are:
- a simple server providing the method inventory
- z-order management
- simple printing capabilities

Posted by Steffen Ploetz 2009-04-03

BizDiag: Version 1.0 completed

Business graphics and diagramming application + diagram editor library for vector graphics (based on Piccolo2D from University of Maryland). Supports browser-enabled special SVG file format for import and export and customizable shape library.

The first version of BizDiag has passed the release test plan successfully.

Posted by Steffen Ploetz 2009-03-25