Configuration as WIFI CLIENT

  • Cylon

    Cylon - 2013-08-15

    I use a router as wifi client to connect to mi wifi network.
    It turns that altough it seems to work, now I cannot access the rouyter without resetting it to its default configuratiosm, wich is nonsense.
    As the router behaves like a NIC card and gives me acces to internet for the device(s) connected to it, it provides access to the AP's gateway, but Its necessary to access the wifi client too.
    Its IP is in whereas the AP's one is

    ¿is it the reason why I cannot access the client? the fact that they both are in different subnet?

    Anyway I'd thank someone to provide me some tutorial about configurin Bitswitcher, since BBS howtos are scarce in details concerning many things

    • TOMOK10

      TOMOK10 - 2013-08-15

      Using Speedport+Bitswitcher as a WLAN-bridge:

      • the internet router (=AP)
      • the Speedport/Bitswitcher-bridge
      • the LAN-connected devices ‘behind’ the SP/BS-bridge

      are running in the same subnet.
      SP+BS (=your ‘wifi-client’) will be accessible without problems.

      Please have a look:

      Good luck !


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