DynDNS is not free anymore -> migrating to No-IP?

  • asd

    asd - 2013-09-02


    since DynDNS has put some big restrictions on free accounts (for example: you must follow a link sent via email to renew your account MONTHLY).

    So why not switch to No-IP embedding their module to this fabolous router?


  • Picchio

    Picchio - 2013-09-04

    I agree and I add afraid.org which offers even a better free service than No-IP

  • Thuffir

    Thuffir - 2013-10-10


    I compiled the no-ip client and it's working like a charm for me.

    I took the sources from here (V2.1.9-1):

    You can find the binary and the changes I have made to the source package attached.

    If your IP is somewhat static like mine (my cable provider assigns me the same IP each time, but there is no guarantee of course), you will still need to click a link every month. Fortunately there is a workaround for that. You can force the no-ip client to assign you the IP first and then do the automatic update again. Works fine in a cronjob.

    Last edit: Thuffir 2013-10-10
  • John Meyer

    John Meyer - 2014-02-04

    could someone explain how to use the above mentioned method to use the bitswitcher firmware with NO-IP or affraid org?

    that would be very helpful.
    Thanks in advance.


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