BitSet Eclipse Plugin / News: Recent posts

SVN repository restructured

Hi, today I moved all "BitSet" related files to a subdirectory "bitset". I also checked in the files for "BitSetEdit", see subdirectory "bitsetedit".

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2007-11-12

Version 1.0.2 Beta released

Hi, today I added some more definitions for ATMEGA8 and added definitions for AT90S2333.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2007-05-15

Version 1.0.1 Beta released

Hi, today I added the complete register set of the ATMEGA8.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2007-05-13

BitSetEdit 0.0.1 Beta released

Hi, today I finished the first usable version of BitSetEdit. It is compiles with Java 5.0, but you can compile it yourself from the source.

The current version of BitSetEdit is only able to create xml files! In the next days I will add a load option.

Once you have created an xml file, you can send it to me and I will add it to the plugin or you can extract the "plugin.xml" file from the plugin-jar and copy&paste the contents of the xml file to it.... read more

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2007-04-13

BitSet Editor

Hi, currently I make good progress with the Editor. I will release it in approximately 2 weeks.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2007-04-02

Version 1.0.0 Beta released

Hi, today I finished all rewrites. Now I focus on the Editor to simply add new CPU definitions.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2007-03-05

BitSet Editor

Currently I am working on an editor to create the XML structure for the BitSet plugin. This will be a simple dialog based application, where you can insert all registers and options. After finished that a file with the XML structure can be exported and submitted as a patch to include it to the plugin.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2007-03-01

Version 0.0.5 released

Hi, this version is another preview version. The functions are almost complete, type and bounds checking of the register table is missing.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2007-03-01

New Preview Screenshot

Hi, today I added a new preview screenshot of the new bitset version. After a rewrite of the input analyse methods and beta testing this will be version 1.0.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2007-01-29

New Web Site

Today I overworked the project web site. I added a chart to get a general idea of the current development.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2007-01-24

Current state

Working on the new dialog is in progress... Please be patient... =)

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2007-01-18

New register definition schema

Today I commited the new defintion for registers and options.

Now it is possible to define the register and options separately. The options are mapped to the registers. This new scheme allows to map one part of an option (bits 0-1) to for example register x and the second part (bits 2-3) to register y.

In the next days I will update the dialog, so you can use this new scheme.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2007-01-10

SVN Repository reset complete

I reseted the svn repository today, now all files should be up to date.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2007-01-02

SVN Repository

Due to some problems while renaming a package, the svn repository is currently out of sync. If you want to use the source code, please get it form the Download section.I will submit a note if the svn respository is up to date again.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2006-12-29

Current progress

Currently I am working on the new structure.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2006-12-19

Internal and GUI changes

Due to some separated options of the ATMEGA8 into two registers, I think about changing some parts. If you think this tool is usefull and want to help add more register definitions, please contact me, to avoid useless work.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2006-12-12

BitSet 0.0.2 released

This version has more Atmel ATMEGA8 register definitions.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2006-12-12

First working preview release

Version 0.0.1 is the first working preview release. Next steps are add more register definitions and resizing of the dialog and the components.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2006-12-08

Plugin export failed with Eclipse 3.2

I experienced a problem while exported the plugin with 3.2. If you try to compile the source from svn respository and get the same problems, updated to Eclipse 3.2.1, it solved the problem for me.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2006-11-27

First preview release

Today I released the current state of the svn repository as a simple to use plugin (jar-file). It should give you the chance to have a look on it without the needs to compile the source.

Feedback is desired =).

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2006-11-21

Initial news

The projects is created. I commited the current workspace subversion respository and published a small website.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2006-11-09