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jBitcollider (Java) 0.8 release (preview/testing)

On July 15th, jBitcollider, a Java version of the Bitzi Bitcollider utility, was made available in a preview testing release. For more details, see the blog entry here:

Posted by Gordon Mohr 2006-07-22

Bitcollider 0.6.0 release

The first official Bitcollider release in over a year is now <a href="/bitcollider">available for download</a>.<p>

Notable additions to this release:

<li>Bitcollider calculates and submits the KZHASH identifier used by the latest (2.6) versions of Kazaa and Grokster. (MAGNET links at the Bitzi website will include this identifier whenever it is available.)... read more

Posted by Mike Linksvayer 2004-02-08

bitcollider 0.5.1 (0.6 release candidate)

Several new changes have been made to the "bitcollider" CVS module:

* MD5 and CRC32 calculation are now options. For the command-line 'bitcollider', they are enabled via the '--md5' and '--crc32' flags. For the Windows graphical (and shell-integrated) Bitcollider, they are enabled via the registry: set the keys 'CalculateCRC32' or 'CalculateMD5' under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Bitzi to the DWORD value 1 to calculate, 0 or undefined to not calculate.
* Dialog labelling in the Windows graphical Bitcollider has been updated for clarity. ... read more

Posted by Mike Linksvayer 2003-10-29

bitcollider 0.4.0 released

The bitcollider now reports eDonkey "ed2k" and FastTrack "sig2dat" identifiers. This is also the first release to include support for PNG images.

Posted by Mike Linksvayer 2002-07-13

bitcollider 0.3.4 released

Slightly altered "bitprint" format (new base32 character set, period separating sha1 and tiger tree hashes), minor bugfixes.

Posted by Mike Linksvayer 2001-12-07

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