REAPER - 2006-08-13

    so by say "Using our software increases your tracability. Every Torrent Swapper client installation has a unique identifier based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography, which helps the software to keep track of friend and foe. In the past, we have conducted the largest crawl of the Bittorrent P2P system. We will also be crawling the network in order to detect any inefficiencies and shortcomings in our P2P software. However, this will also show us how the software is used, including the occurrence of illegal activities." are u implying that if you use this product well will moniter your downloads... like spyware?... i dont under stand is this Pro P2P or Anti?

    • jon ozborn

      jon ozborn - 2006-08-13

      We're all for P2P; the problem is my poor english, the reason we've put in the disclaimer is to notify people that becuase of Torrent Swapper "recommend a torrent" feature, people can view which files you've downloaded, thus can see if you downloaded illegal files. This feature can be turned off in the program prefrences, and you can also delete each entry by hand.

    • REAPER

      REAPER - 2006-08-13

      so... u cant Probe my comp if i turn the feature off right

    • jon ozborn

      jon ozborn - 2006-08-14

      no once can "probe" your computer, the only information that is made available is the files you've downloaded so other users can see what you downloaded so they can find interesting files they wouldn't find otherwise. and yes, this feature can be turned off if you want.

    • REAPER

      REAPER - 2006-08-15

      THX for the help

    • Arno Bakker

      Arno Bakker - 2006-09-20

      The largest crawl of the Bittorrent P2P system was carried out by the co-authors of the Tribler file-sharing software of which TorrentSwapper is an illegal derivative.

      Please comply with all the requirements of the LGPL and the other licenses of Tribler (www.tribler.org).


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