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Bit-Scav 1.14.1 Released

Yay~ I made the 1st startup thing go MUCH faster. No longer do u need to sit around wating for it to pull a list of anime/manga titles. I also have dona alot of bug fixes. I looked over the "Catched Items" GUI, and have made the option of going to AnimeSuki and AniDB sits work (users who are upgreading please delete you PathList.xml file b 4 running the program). A help box has been added for the noobs (telling what each section is for), and the sources now actully have names.... read more

Posted by SomeWhiteGuy 2004-11-19

Bit-Scav 1.12.4 Released

Yay~ And... BLAH. I just release 1.12.3 and noticed a problem that crashed the app >_<
Well, i fixed it quickly and posted this one, 1.12.4

How you like it, I put in a new thing that will let you make it watch for certain titles. Also I fixed the bugs in the "Auto-Checker". So now u can let BitScav sit in your system try and it should auto check every X amount of mins, and watch for the titles you told it to at the same time (if you told it to do so).... read more

Posted by SomeWhiteGuy 2004-11-02

Bit-Scav 1.11.4 Released

Wow, it has really been a while, l0l. Well, this version should probably have a higer version number than it has. There are MANNY bug fixes to this one. Plus, it has a new thing I call BitMirror-Web, which is basicly a web-server showing users the information BitScav has pulled togeather. If you want to learn more about it, minmize BitScave to the system-try and right click it. Then goto "View My Mirror".... read more

Posted by SomeWhiteGuy 2004-09-24

Bit-Scav 1.11.0 Released

Well, it has really been a while since i posted a new version. And thought it has been a long, im not gonna say there there are alot of changes. Though I have indeed changed some things which will make it not as dreadfull to use. For example, I noticed how it takes FOREVER to draw all the ittems in the list-view. I tied some things to take care of that. I also added an additional checking system for putting a red-X next to items that are non-english subbed animes. There are a bunch of other random things which are added throughout the program you may notice. ... read more

Posted by SomeWhiteGuy 2004-08-08

Bit-Scav 1.10.8 Released

A few bug fixes, but mostly ALOT of "re-wireing" within the code. The majority of changes and edits you probably won't be abel to see, I dunno if I can remember them all but here is a list edits/fixes:

-Fixed bug that gave a 404 link error when unnessary
-Fixed bug where source combo box was inacurate
-Saves user settings to local XML file instead of the registry (a fix any anti-virus "trigger-happy" thinggy)
-Mindfull of weather to minimize to system tray based on clicking the min or X window-button
-Does not look to auto-del unused/old hidden items unless user actully searched parsed for torrents
-Auto checks for new versions of BitScav and alerts user with updates

Posted by SomeWhiteGuy 2004-07-22

Bit-Scav 1.10.5 Released. And now it actully works! YAY~

>_< *sigh* alright, imagin my fustration when RIGHT AFTER postign a version of BitScav, I then use the new version for personal use, only to find it can't parse! GGGAA!

>:( Well, it's fixed now. Sorry about that. Vaersion 1.10.3 has a slightly updates HTML getting mod. (Yeh, so it didnt even get to parsing sometimes =_=). And the change in this mod only took affect when the HTTP sever gave a "404 File Not Found" error. In this event, my app is supposed to try again with a slightly altered request string. But it f**ked up in creating the new request string. But anywasys, it dosnt matter any more, it's taken care of.... read more

Posted by SomeWhiteGuy 2004-07-18

Bit-Scav 1.9.23 Released

Yay! more bug fixes. And I also killed this annoying bug that blind-sided me. Aparently when u pressed the enter key in the search option it would try adding a source instead of searching. Well, thats fixed. I also implemented icon options in terms of what to show, icon size, and icon-x options. (Icon-X is a big read X that warnes you about RAW, unsubbed torrents, and parady torrents).

I also worked with the HTML parser a bit (which btw was a pain in the ass!), and made it better. I noticed that it didnt work with some certain site, or would'nt pull up seed and peer data like it was supposed to. But now it a little better. Enjoy ;)

Posted by SomeWhiteGuy 2004-07-13

Bit-Scav 1.9.18 Released

More misc bug fixes, as always. I finally killed that bug that didnt let you use the "Download Torrent" command, and have also implemented a new feature! Bit-Scavenger now watches your "Hidden Items" and keeps date/time for each, recording when each was made. Then, it kills any item that is over # days old (# is set in the settings diaolog). Of course this date/time will be reset upon use (when it effects the "New Torrent" section), thus you dont loose a hidden item that is indeed usefull.

Posted by SomeWhiteGuy 2004-07-09

Bit-Scav 1.9.9 Released - And now its multi-thread, YAY~

Indeed a very big change in the source code. I also did some random acts of bug killing. There is one last bug i must kill now, if you click "Download Torrent" it dosn't always work, for now you must click "Copy to clipboard". I will fix this shortly, give me a few houres.

Posted by SomeWhiteGuy 2004-07-09

Bit-Scav 1.8.4 Released

Whoa! Alot of bug fixes here, plus it can get distro data, and pull the "title" data up from the filename alot better. With manny other bug fixes done, i also added a new thinggy where Bit-Scav can now get the "details URL" of a torrent. The only down side to this is that you have to go to the source settings of Bit-Scav and tell it what a details URL will contain (usually this is somthing like "details.php?id=" but it really depends on the site).

Posted by SomeWhiteGuy 2004-07-06

Bit-Scav 1.7.1 Released!!!

YAY! A new version finally. Its serously been a while. I have been working hard on getting the app to pull seed and peer data from source sites, alas it was pretty hard. I have implemented a table-parser (becase seed and peer data usualy exists in a HTML table), but it only works about half the time. Well, actully, about a third of the page you declair as sources probably dont even show seed/peer information, and the other percentage may or may not be displying the information in a way that is easy to parse out. Basicly, the current parser I have built will look for any table that (1) has a ".torrent" file string somewhere in it, and (2) does NOT have another table within it.... read more

Posted by SomeWhiteGuy 2004-06-24

Bit-Scav 1.5.3 Released - And this time it works! W00T~

W0W! that was f**ked up, I just noticed that last one (version 1.3) didnt work on others computers. Heh, I have Win98, and seeing how most otheres have WinXP, I just kinda assumed that their OS would come with the INet.ocx and WinSock.ocx deps. But well, though I guess it does come with Winsock, i guess it dosnt come with a .ocx version of INet beucase a really super cool nice guy messaged me over IRC and told me he was having problems. I quickly found out what was going on, and have now posted this release. I also added yet another feature in this one that lets u have BS check for updates ever # minouts (this can be found in the settings setion). So yup, you can actully start the app now, YAY! o_O... read more

Posted by SomeWhiteGuy 2004-06-21

Bit-Scav 1.3 Released!!!

Well, as i said b4, i ultamatly wanted to have this project in a webpage form, and as i said b4... This application stat is only a temporary thing untill I can get this to work in a .html doc. Although, lately I have been pondering to myself if it really matters. Well, I want it to be in a web page because then it would be cross platform, and more readly open source to users. But then again, if I do keep this as a stand alone application, it makes things WAY~ esier for me as the programmer. Belaive me, I have been trying to get this thinggy to work in web-form, and there are ALOT of security problems that get in my way... Well, for now I guess I'll just continue the way im going, and just poke and prod and play with the web browsers. And for the time being, I'll also focus more on advancing this as a SA app.

Posted by SomeWhiteGuy 2004-06-19

Finnally startting somewhere

Well, I have been working hard on a script that would work in a normal webbrowser. I didnt want to use ActiveX or applets unless i had to. This is becuase paranoid users may look upon these things as potential viruses. I wanted to have this in a web page, but for now, looks like thats not gonna happen. Don't get me wrong, I am still going to have this work out in a web page.... somehow. But for now, because I have'nt posted anything yet, I will post this VB application. It does the same thing, the only difference is that it is a stand alone app, and does not run within a web browser.

Posted by SomeWhiteGuy 2004-06-18

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