#10 freetb4matlab causes error in the fdatool


when using the matlab-fdattool an error message appears that the function "tolower" is not available. After a few hours I realized that matlab was using the fir1-function from biosig and not the real one. After deleting the freetb4matlab folder the problem was solved ... How can you give your functions the same name than original matlabfunctions????


  • Alois Schloegl

    Alois Schloegl - 2010-07-01

    fir1 from freetb4matlab is supposed to be a free replacement for the fir1 from TMW. It is helpful for those who do not have access to the signal processing toolbox.

    A solution to the problem is that freetb4matlab is included in the end of the path instead of the beginning (this approach will be used in the next release). Alternatively, you can edit fir1, and change lolower() to lower() .

  • Alois Schloegl

    Alois Schloegl - 2010-07-02

    The latest release v2.49 solves this problem. Within fir1, tolower() has been changed to lower(); and the path to freetb4matlab/signal is now added at the end of the path.

  • Alois Schloegl

    Alois Schloegl - 2010-07-02
    • status: open --> closed

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