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Revival Project

This project is back on task, and will begin to see updates soon. We are currently looking for developers to assist with the class libraries modifications, and several other changes that need to be made. If you are interested, please contact the Project Admin.

Posted by Ted Joffs 2003-10-19

Back to the Drawing Board -- Again

Unfortunately, I've found out that this project is going to have to abandon the nested classes structure adopted in version 0.2 due to the lack of cross-compiler support for C++ nested classes. On a positive note, much of the work already complete in version 0.2 can be preserved, just the class structures must be rearranged.

Regrettably, because I have a Real Life with a job and more importantly bills, I cant afford to spend as much time as I hoped on this project. I have no timeline for any new releases.

Posted by Joseph D. Wagner 2003-03-17

Now Conforms to BIOS Enhanced Disk Drive Services 2 Standard

As promised, Version 0.2 is being released by the deadline of November 30, 2002. This version is being made to fully conform to the BIOS Enhanced Disk Drive Services 2 standard (ANSI INCITS 363-2002). Unfortunately, I was unable to finish the complete rework by the deadline. Hence, this is a non-functional release; it is guaranteed not to work, so don't even try! There's nothing wrong with the project that's causing it to not work; it just hasn't been completed enough to allow functionality.... read more

Posted by Joseph D. Wagner 2002-11-30

Project Placed On Hold Until November 30, 2002

Unfortunately, the BiosDiskIO Library will have to be placed on hold for a few weeks. I found out that, due to my ignorance, the current version (0.12) is based upon the old legacy BIOS standard and doesnt support BIOS Enhanced Disk Drive Services.

Legacy BIOS INT 13h has an interface limit of 528 MB, and a theoretical limit of 8.4 GB; it is also dependent on Cylinder-Head-Sector (CHS) addressing. BIOS Enhanced Disk Drive Services eliminate these deficiencies by using Logical Block Addressing (LBA), which can support up to 137.4 GB; they also provide support for to mass storage devices with ATA, ATAPI, SCSI, USB, Fibre Channel, 1394, and I2O.... read more

Posted by Joseph D. Wagner 2002-11-02

First Documentation Released

The first ever documentation has been released. It took the form of Frequently Asked Questions.

More documentation is sure to follow.

Posted by Joseph D. Wagner 2002-10-27

Corrected Inline Implementation

Version 0.12 has been released. It corrected the implementation of the inline functions.

Again, this release has not been tested. Testers are needed!

Posted by Joseph D. Wagner 2002-10-24

Completed Basic Functionality

The remaining components were added to make BiosDiskIO a fully functional C++ class. (See changelog for details.) The next step is to test version 0.11 to make sure it does in practice what it is supposed to do in theory.

Posted by Joseph D. Wagner 2002-10-22

Beginning of Release

BiosDiskIO is a library of Int 13h PC BIOS Disk Operations. While DMA (Direct Memory Access) produces faster I/O, the diskette and hard disk services offered by the BIOS provide a backward compatibility for older systems. Additionally, BIOS Disk Operations also provide a quick-and-dirty way to access low-level disk services without the hassle of a fully-featured DMA system when speed isnt a consideration (such as early stages of file system development). Hence, the purpose of the BiosDiskIO Library is two-fold: first, to provide backward compatibility for older systems, and second, to provide quick-and-dirty access to low-level disk services, especially for file system developers and forensic analysts.

Posted by Joseph D. Wagner 2002-10-21

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