BioGraphNet / News: Recent posts

Working again!

BioTrawler has been out of action for a few days, owing
to upgrading MOBY to 0.8. It's back now, and more
fully featured than ever, allowing you to select between
the main MOBY Central registry and the 'Test' registry.

Posted by Frank Gibbons 2004-10-01

First release

The code for BioGraphNet is now available for download.

Posted by Frank Gibbons 2004-09-10

Initial upload to CVS

The code for the BioGraphNet framework, and the BioTrawler application have been uploaded to CVS. Also included are relevant HTML/CSS for BioTrawler, as well as PowerPoint presentations.

Why not download it, play with it, and contribute?

Posted by Frank Gibbons 2004-09-08


BioGraphNet joins SourceForge.

Posted by Frank Gibbons 2004-07-14