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Posted by Egon Willighagen 2009-02-16

Bioclipse2 beta2 released

Posted by Egon Willighagen 2009-02-16

Bioclipse 1.1.x beta series launched

Around the EMBRACE funded Bioclipse Workshop in Uppsala May 2007, the first betas of the Bioclipse 1.2 version are being release, as the 1.1.x series. It is feature based, so that the core download is now down to only 26MB, after which you can select functionality you want to use and download it from the website.

Posted by Egon Willighagen 2007-05-25

Bioclipse 1.0.1 released

This release contains numerous bug fixes and the new plugin bc_rhino which provides scripting abilities using the JavaScript scripting language.

Posted by Egon Willighagen 2007-02-03

Bioclipse 1.0.0 released

The Bioclipse team is proud to announce the release of Bioclipse 1.0.

Bioclipse [1] is a free, open source, workbench for chemo- and bioinformatics with powerful editing and visualization capabilities for molecules, sequences, proteins, spectra etc. The major features of version 1.0 are:

* Import and export in various file formats
* Visual editing of molecular 2D-structures
* 3D-visualization of molecules and proteins
* Editing and visualization of sequences and features (DNA, RNA, proteins etc)
* Graphing and editing of various types of spectra, e. g. NMR, MS
* Retrieval of resources (sequences, proteins, etc) from public data repositories
* Scripting of 3D-visualizations with syntax highlighting and content assistance
* PDB-editor with syntax highlighting for working with PDB files
* CMLRSS-viewer for downloading chemical content published on the web using RSS-feeds
* Integrated, searchable help-system
* Hierarchical view of molecular and macromolecular substructures and calculation of chemical properties
* Connection with external programs, e. g. PyMol... read more

Posted by Ola Spjuth 2006-08-11

Bioclipse 0.9.9: last beta before 1.0

Bioclipse 0.9.9 has been released, presumably the last beta before the long awaited 1.0 release. Maybe bug fixes, among which for drag/drop and copy/paste, and saving resources.

Posted by Egon Willighagen 2006-07-31

A Ghemical plugin for Bioclipse

The Dutch version of the Google Summer of Code,, announced today the five students participating. I was happy to see that Rob Schellhorn was selected with his project proposal for a Ghemical plugin for Bioclipse.

Posted by Egon Willighagen 2006-06-21

First Release Candidate: Bioclipse 0.9.2

Bioclipse 0.9.2 is the first, hopefully only, release candidate for the 1.0 release. Please download and if you find bugs or problems, please file them in our SourceForge bug track system.

Posted by Egon Willighagen 2006-06-08

Bioclipse wins JAX Innovation Audience Award!

The Bioclipse team is proud to announce the winning of the JAX Innovation audience award and the 3rd price of the JAX innovation award jury
( Ola Spjuth, Egon Willighagen and Christoph Steinbeck attended the ceremony in Wiesbaden, Germany, on 11.05.06 and were very excited to leave the place with not just one but two prices in hand.
Ola gave a great presentation and won the audience, while you, the developers of Bioclipse and its components made the other price possible. ... read more

Posted by Christoph Steinbeck 2006-05-11

Bioclipse nominated for the JAX Innovation Award 2006

Bioclipse has been nominated as one of the ten candidates for the JAX Innovation ward 2006. The first prize will be awarded to the most innovative projects based on Java and Eclipse. The award ceremony takes place in Wiesbaden May 10th at the JAX 2006 conference.


Posted by Egon Willighagen 2006-05-07

Bioclipe 0.9.0 released

Posted by Egon Willighagen 2006-05-07

Bioclipse 0.8.1 released

Version 0.8.1 includes the CMLRSS plugin and is available for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Posted by Ola Spjuth 2006-04-11