Are you sure that the KB is in the quads mode?  Check the VoID description of the service. If it is running in triples mode then you will not see the expected behavior.

From: feugen24 <>
Reply-To: "[bigdata:discussion]" <>
Date: Wednesday, March 5, 2014 3:53 PM
To: "[bigdata:discussion]" <>
Subject: [bigdata:discussion] Bigdata graph issues

I've posted some tickets on some graph/filter/union problems (831,832,833,835) few days ago.
Those look like some major problems with the db(especially 832) and if they are valid i'm wondering how other developers work with graphs because the problems should show up pretty quick, unless most users don't use quads.

I've also tested the issues on other triple store just to validate them, and on older version of bigdata 1.2.3 (also has the problems).

So maybe you can take a look just to check if they are valid.


Bigdata graph issues

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