bigdata-scala-examples repo has been created

  • Anton Kulaga

    Anton Kulaga - 2014-03-05

    I have finally found some time and created a repository with basic example that sets up
    bigdata and runs some queries.

    At the moment there are:
    - one class that initialize bigdata
    - package object with some implicits
    - class that adds some test data
    - one test spec that runs some basic queries on top of bigdata

  • Anton Kulaga

    Anton Kulaga - 2014-03-05

    We are very careful about contributor license agreements in this project. I still need to get you that paperwork.

    Ok, I understand your concern. I just thought that you could get more contributions if you make it easier for people to start contributing (the hardest step is the first one). For instance most of popular graph databases (like OrientDb, Neo4j and so on) have a lot of contributors, drivers and language bindings partially because they are more open for contributions than oldfashioned semanticweb libs (here I refer to most of semanticweb libs in the area, as in my opinion in many aspects they are developed in more oldfashioned way than graph's ones).
    I thought that something like public agreement like "by contributing, you accept to give the ownership of your contribution to the Systap" maybe possible (I have seen similar things in many dual-licensed libs), or community-enterprise separation (that Neo4j , OrientDB and other leading graph databases use). I think a lot of people will be happy and ready to contribute even to community version just because there is a lack of good native opensource RDF databases (for instance in my case I chose bigdata not for its cluster features but just because I was not satisfied by native Sesame Repository and did not trust OWLIM Lite that is closed sourced and thus potentially dangerous to deal with).

    I am looking into create a page dedicated to this and give you write access on that page.

    Thank you

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