Staements (about statements) in sid-mode

  • Yossi

    Yossi - 2013-01-27

    Please help,
    I'm using bigdata (1.2.2) over sesame (2.6.10) http protocol (sesame.war under tomcat 7).

    Could you provide an example or instructions of how to load statements about statements into BigData in sid mode?

    Basically, I have a collection of statements where the 4 slot is a bnode
    (which I expect bigdata to convert to sid).

    For example:

    s1: (s1, p1, o1, _:b1)
    s2: (s2, p2, o2, _:b2)
    s3: (_:b1, p3, o3, _:b3)

    * notice bnode (_:b1) in statement (s1) that should be the subject of (s3).

    Should I convert the triple collection to the RDF/XML format to conform to the 'sid example' you provide?
    Is there a more concise format I can use?


  • Yossi

    Yossi - 2013-01-28

    Okay, no problem to communicate using quads (NQuads format).
    It apeared to be my mistake… working too late at night :)

  • Mike Personick

    Mike Personick - 2013-01-28

    Ok glad it is working for you.  :)


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