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Bidwatcher / News: Recent posts

Major bugs

eBay has forced all bidding to occur only through signed-in clients. This means bidding in bidwatcher is indefinitely broken. We're all very busy, so a fix will come some time, but there is no ETA.

Posted by Kevin Dwyer 2004-11-11

bidwatcher 1.3.16 released

The hard work of several new bidwatcher volunteers has culminated in this release which fixes many of the outstanding eBay parsing issues as well as provides some new features such as snipe groups. Thanks to all for their help.

Posted by Kevin Dwyer 2004-08-31

bidwatcher 1.3.13 released

This release deals with the latest bid/snipe breakage.

Posted by Kevin Dwyer 2004-03-02

bidwatcher 1.3.12 released.

This release fixes the time synchronization problem.

Posted by Kevin Dwyer 2004-02-27

bidwatcher 1.3.11 released

Yep, just in time for a non-denominational xmas. Check the Changelog for all of the details.

Posted by Kevin Dwyer 2003-12-15

bidwatcher 1.3.10 released

This one fixes that TimeSync bug which appeared shortly after the 1.3.9 release.

Posted by Kevin Dwyer 2003-07-17

bidwatcher 1.3.9 released

Most notably, the new eBay layout is coped with.

Please submit bug reports for anything out of the ordinary. Thanks.

Posted by Kevin Dwyer 2003-07-13

bidwatcher 1.3.8 released.

1.3.8 is now available. It fixes several bugs. Check it out.

Posted by Kevin Dwyer 2003-05-27

bidwatcher version 1.3.7

This release has the very important fix to handle the eBay changes, as well as some other improvements. Enjoy.

Posted by Kevin Dwyer 2002-12-23

Forums, Mailing Lists

Hi folks. I've disabled the forums because well, I don't like them. I like email. ;) So, please subscribe to/use the bidwatcher-devel and bidwatcher-users mailing lists. And if you're interested in tracking changes, bidwatcher-cvs. Also, don't forget that I tend to hang out on IRC on, so drop by.

Note: I haven't actually deleted the contents of the forums, just made them unavailable.

Posted by Kevin Dwyer 2002-12-20

Development Stuff

Two new mailing lists have been created.
1) --Development chatter
2) --CVS Syncmail Notices


Posted by Kevin Dwyer 2002-10-26

1.3.6 released!

Fixes a couple of bugs, adds a comment field feature.

Posted by Kevin Dwyer 2002-10-21


There you go, a new release. Hopefully it works for you :)

Posted by Kevin Dwyer 2002-09-10

1.3.4 is borked.

It was just brought to my attention that eBay made some changes that were pretty drastic, so we'll need to re-modulate the shield frequencies... or something. Just a heads up - expect a fix hopefully soon.

Posted by Kevin Dwyer 2002-09-06


I uploaded a whole lot of code I wrote for the new bidwatcher 1.4. Things have been totally redone and it's looking good. Hopefully I'll be able to get a release of it soon, but for now checkout the bidwatcher-1.4 cvs module to see what's up.

Posted by Kevin Dwyer 2002-07-08


It's old news by now, but I just got access to this stuff so I'm giving it a shot. 1.3.4 has been out so download and enjoy.

Posted by Kevin Dwyer 2002-07-08

bear with me

I just wanted you to know that I very much appreciate all the bug reports you've been submitting. Let me get through my finals, and I'll try to resolve them towards the end of this month. :)


Posted by bushing 2001-04-22

1.2.1 released

Sorry for the truncated file problems --1,2,1 has been released proper and is now available in the File Releases section here on Sourceforge.

Posted by bushing 2001-03-27

Bidwatcher 1.1.8 released

We've just released 1.1.8 of bidwatcher, an eBay bid management/sniping tool. Quite a few changes have gone into it, including a complete port to gtk+, so please take a look at it!

Posted by bushing 2000-07-25