#12 Bidwatcher priorities


This is something that has bugged me about Bidwatcher
for a while, and just now while I was using it it
finally bugged me enough to write.

The priority settings on "add auction" and "update
auctions" is backwards.

If I am using Bidwatcher to add auctions, then I am the
most important element to it, and it should heed my
bidding (yes, nice pun :) and do what I say when I say it.

What I'm talking about is, if there is an auction that
is presently being tracked that's to within a short
time of closing (< 1-2 hrs) Bidwatcher updates it's
info from Ebay more often. However, if Bidwatcher is
updating an auction when I put a number into the add
box and click "add", it tells me "cant add while
updating". This is backwards. If I put an auction
number into the box and click add, than means I want it
to stop whatever it's doing, listen to me, and add the
auction. It can go back to whatever it was doing at
the time after it's taken care of my request. The only
time I would have it tell me "Can't do that now" is if
it's busy submitting a snipe, in which case, I want it
to finish the snipe first. However, the chance I'm
going to be inserting an auction at the exact moment
it's sniping, as opposed to the frequent updates, is
rather small.

So what I'm suggesting is that the "add" button should
function as "stop what you are doing and add this now".

Also, as a second suggestion, if for some reason it
can't contact Ebay, it should still add the auction
number into the list, just with blank info for
everything else. The next time it finds an Ebay
connect, it can fill in the other info at that time. I
should be able to disconnect from the 'net, yet still
add auction numbers to Bidwatcher. Why would I want
this, well sometimes when the connection to Ebay is
slow, adding times out, and I just have to reinsert the
auction number all over again and hope it works. If
Bidwatcher just inserted a placeholder with the auction
number and blanks everwhere else, it could update the
data later when it gets a chance to do so. If when it
does that it finds the auction number is invalid or
does not exist, it can simply delete the placeholder.

For what it's worth, I'm using a CVS copy before the
latest released version. But these two little bits
have been in it for a long time, so I doubt they are
gone in the latest released version.

Thanks for an otherwise great little tool.


  • Kevin Dwyer

    Kevin Dwyer - 2002-09-08
    • assigned_to: nobody --> kevindication
    • status: open --> closed
  • Kevin Dwyer

    Kevin Dwyer - 2002-09-08

    Logged In: YES

    I've tried to address most of these issues in the new 1.4
    codebase. Thanks for the suggestions.


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