Chris Putnam


endx2xml converts a EndNote-XML exported reference file to a MODS XML-intermediate bibliography file. This program will not work on the binary library; the file needs to be exported first.


Several flags available for input and MODS XML output:

Flag Description
-h, --help display help
-v, --version display version
-a, --add-refcount add "_#", where # is reference count to reference id
-s, --single-refperfile put one reference per file name by the reference number
-i, --input-encoding interpret the input file as using the requested character set (use w/o argument for current list of character sets) unicode is now a character set option
-u, --unicode-characters encode unicode characters directly in the file rather than as XML entities (default)
-un,--unicode-no-bom as -u, but don't include a byte order mark
-x, --xml-entities change default UTF8-encoded characters to XML entities (opposite of -u)
-nl, --no-latex do not covert latex character combinations (bib2xml)
-d, --drop-key don't put citation key in the mods id field
-c, --corporation-file with argument specifying a file containing a list of corporation names to be placed in <name type="corporate"></name> instead of type="personal" and eliminate name mangling
-as, --asis specify file of names that shouldn't be mangled
-nt, --nosplit-title don't split titles into TITLE/SUBTITLE pairs
--verbose verbose output
--debug very verbose output (mostly for debugging)