xml2wordbib: "url" field is not exported to output file

  • danieldedo

    danieldedo - 2014-03-14

    I am trying to convert my bibtex bibliography into the word xml format.

    The intermediate XML looks nice, but the file I get from xml2wordbib is without the entries in the "url" field.

    I tried with different entry types, e.g. online, electronic, misc, article...,
    but the URL field is never exported to the output file.

    Am I missing something?

  • danieldedo

    danieldedo - 2014-03-14


    it seems to work if the entry
    { "URL", "b:URL", LEVEL_ANY },
    is added in void output_citeparts of wordout.c (line 578)

    Last edit: danieldedo 2014-03-14
  • Chris Putnam

    Chris Putnam - 2014-03-24

    I've added this to version 5.4. Thanks for looking into this.


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