bibutils fails to convert some cedilla accents in TeX format

  • Tim

    Tim - 2013-09-18

    for example, BibDesk saves accented characters in a TeX format along the lines of {\c c} (this is a latin lower case c with cedilla, ç)

    I've been using bibutils through pandoc.

    Usually pandoc-citeproc converts the TeX format into roman, e.g. {\^o} into ô. But this fails with certain characters (I know of ç and Ç) and pandoc-citeproc outputs \c c instead of ç.

    From inspecting the code, I suspect this can be fixed in bibutils/lib/latex.c by adding \\c c etc

  • Chris Putnam

    Chris Putnam - 2014-03-06

    Should be fixed in the latest 5.3. Thanks.


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