Could the xxx2xml converters support again the "-o --output-encoding" command line switch?

  • Matthias Steffens


    the xxx2xml converters from Bibutils v3.xx (e.g., v3.40) did support the "-o --output-encoding" command line switch. In Bibutils v4.xx, this isn't the case anymore since the default output for MODS is utf8-encoded unicode. While this is generally the desired option (and thus a fine default setting), I'd love to see the xxx2xml converters again support the "-o --output-encoding" option.

    The reason behind this request is that we ( have still quite a few users with iso8859-1 server databases & encodings. Besides supporting UTF-8 Unicode, refbase honours such latin1-based workflows.

    However, the problem arises when these users want to use a modern Bibutils version which doesn't support output of MODS XML with iso8859-1 encoding anymore.

    If it can be done easily, I'd love to again be able to use commands like these:

    bib2xml -i iso8859_1 -o iso8859_1 file.bib > mods.xml
    xml2ris -i iso8859_1 -o iso8859_1 mods.xml > file.ris

    Thanks, Matthias

  • Chris Putnam

    Chris Putnam - 2013-01-10

    This should be possible. I'll look into it for version 4.17. I wanted to get a lot of the really important bug fixes out for 4.16 as soon as I could.

  • Matthias Steffens

    Hi Chris,

    it would be really great if the xxx2xml converters could again support the -o --output-encoding command line switch in an upcoming Bibutils version.

    Many thanks for considering this,

  • Matthias Steffens

    Hi Chris, many thanks for supporting again the -o --output-encoding for the xxx2xml converters! I couldn't test Bibutils v5.0 yet but will do so soon.

    Cheers, Matthias


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