biblatex 'shorttitle' to MODS '<titleInfo type="abbreviated"><title>'

Nick Bart
  • Nick Bart

    Nick Bart - 2013-02-24

    It would be nice if biblatex’s shorttitle could be mapped to MODS’s <titleInfo type="abbreviated"><title>, in particular since citeproc-hs is now able to parse this element. - Thank you!

  • Chris Putnam

    Chris Putnam - 2013-03-01

    It'll be fixed in the next version. The MODS support was present, but bibutils 4.17 (and before) wasn't looking for the tag shorttitle in biblatex references.

  • Nick Bart

    Nick Bart - 2013-06-05

    Still does not seem to work in 5.0:

    An entry such as

        Author = {Author, Al},
        Date = {2013},
        Hyphenation = {english},
        Location = {Location},
        Publisher = {Publisher},
        Shorttitle = {Shorttitle},
        Subtitle = {Subtitle},
        Title = {Title}}

    when converted by biblatex2xml generates MODS without the shorttitle, but the following error messages (note the wrong spelling of 'SHORTITLE', BTW):

    biblatex2xml: Reference 1 has unused tags.
        Author(s) (level=0):
        Title(s) (level=0):
        Unused tags:
            tag: 'SHORTITLE' value: 'Shorttitle' level: 0
    biblatex2xml: Processed 1 references.

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