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bibus 1.4.3 released

Enjoy and please report bugs using the tracker.

Posted by Pierre Martineau 2008-09-01

bibus-1.3.0 released

The new bibus has been release.
Please test and report errors. If you have open a bug for bibus, please test with the new version and close it if it now works.
Sorry but the doc has not been updated. Use the wiki instead for up-to-date doc.


Posted by Pierre Martineau 2006-12-17

bibus-1.2.1 released (consider it a beta version)

After some troubles pointed out by Martijn W. (thank you), the version 1.2.1 is up and seems to be ok (unicode is now supported).
Some problems might remain (mainly for OOo users who should prefer the source version, downloadable from the CVS).
Hopefully a final release should arrive soon.

Posted by Mounir 2006-08-29

bibus-1.2.1 temporarily removed

Due to problems with unicode in the freezed version, the binary release has been hidden temporarily.
Note that these problems do not occur with the python source version, downloadable from the cvs server.

Posted by Mounir 2006-08-26

Bugs discovered (etblast & formating) solved in next release

You might have noticed that the current version 1.2.0 has few problems (fixes in next version):
1- eTBLAST server not working anymore. The webpage of eTBLAST has been modified on may 16th.
2- Unicode problems with author names (spanish and other langages)
3- Problems with citations, numbered style ([2][5][6][7])=> ([25-7]) instead of ([2;5-7])

All these issues are fixed and the next version will contain the fixes. Just update as soon as the next version is out.

Posted by Mounir 2006-05-18

Bibus for Mac OS X (10.4, Tiger)

Development and limited version for mac available.
See package bibus-word, under bibus-word-1.1.1-beta
For more info and doc, see:


Posted by Mounir 2006-03-21

Bibus-1.2.0 released

The new bibus release is here. It is compatible both with OOo and MSWord.

Posted by Pierre Martineau 2006-03-15

New Web site

Bibus has now a new and better-looking web site. In addition, the site contains a wiki. Please feel free to add your tricks about bibus.

Posted by Pierre Martineau 2006-03-15

An article on Bibus

Dmitri Popov has written a nice and kind article about Bibus on NewsForge.

Posted by Pierre Martineau 2006-03-15

Bibus-word, new Beta version (1.2.0)

Please upgrade. The new Beta version of Bibus has been released for the early birds who are willing to try.
Go to Files and find the file:
Many improvments were added. The available version is the setup with the exe (no need of python and the other stuff).
The official release of Bibus-1.2.0 is soon to be posted (source, graphic installer and exe version).

Posted by Mounir 2006-03-15


New release of the beta version of what Bibus could become.
Two major features were added:
1- Interface with MS Word. Although Bibus has been designed for OOo, it has been complemented with an interface for Word XP and 2003 (it also works with Word 2000 but we recommend the use of XP and 2003). Bibus/Word works the same way than Bibus/OOo
2- An interface to the eTBlast server ( ETBlast allows to query medline using a natural langage query. Paste your summary in the eTBlast search Box and Bibus will find the related references to your text. The references will be loaded in Bibus and ready to insert in your document.... read more

Posted by Mounir 2006-01-21


bibus-1.1.1 has been released.
The main improvements are:
* A Windows installer. This installer will work with OOo2. If you still use OOo1.1, you can't use the installer.
* Compatibility with pysqlite2 and MySQL4.1. Please note that you must update your database if you want to use pysqlite2 and MySQL4.1. Read <> or <>
* References are now displayed formatted in bibus using the current style.
* All the reported bugs have been fixed. Please update to 1.1.1 before reporting a bug.

Posted by Pierre Martineau 2006-01-17


Bibus-1.1.0 has been released. It is the first release really compatible with the recently released OpenOffice-2.0

Posted by Pierre Martineau 2005-11-16

Ubuntu packages

Daniel Myall <> has prepared some Ubuntu packages. You can donwload them from:

Posted by Pierre Martineau 2005-07-26

Bibus in Chinese!

Thanks to Max Ouyang efforts, Bibus is now available in Chinese.
This clearly demontrates unicode support in Bibus.
You can donwload the files from
You can send remaks/bug reports to:
Max Ouyang <>
Have a look at the ScreenShot section to see how beautiful Bibus looks in Chinese.... read more

Posted by Pierre Martineau 2005-05-23

Bibus 1.0.0 released

Hi, the final Bibus 1.0.0 has been released.
It contains many bug fixes and new features.
There are now Debian packages and you can thus install Bibus using apt-get.

Posted by Pierre Martineau 2005-05-09

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