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Building Search Index on Device

Building search index on device takes a very long time. For my HTC Touch Diamond it takes two and a half of hour for module without features. It is better to launch index building for a night with a charger plugged in.

Or it is able to copy desktop built index on device. You can use original BibleTime application or desktop Mini from this site. Also you need to investigate where are stored created indexes on the desktop computer and the device and simply to copy them on the device.

Building search index on 1Ghz devices takes 10 minutes, on 600Mhz - about hour.

Keyboard Issues

On Windows Mobile Software Input Panel (SIP) was aligned to the bottom of the screen. So, SIP panel didn't raise SIP button, and it is not able to change software keyboard in the application.

Also default keyboard should have Enter/Return key to launch search.

Accelerometer Support

This application will correctly react to screen orientation change. But there is no accelerometer code in the application and you should use third party applications, like G-Config, to eneble runtime screen orientation change.


Since user interface is still untranslated it is able to have translated Bible book names. Download locale file from and put it into locales.d folder in application directory. Assure that you have downloaded locale for utf-8 encoding.

Font Issues

Sometimes there are unrecognized characters on Windows Mobile device. This is because not all unicode characters included current character set of device.

I just solved this by replacing device system tahoma.ttf file by the same file from fonts folder of desktop Windows.

Options available thought Configuration file

Configuration is located at:

  • Windows Mobile - application_folder/bibletime/bibletimerc
  • Android - /sdcard/.bibletime/bibletimerc

Several options can be edited through this file. Below, value set to the option should be default in the current released version.

Verse text will be shown as grayed verse numbers unless parallel thread compute its original text. So device always stay responsible, but you may wait longer to load text. Otherwise, some modules with a lot of features provides too hard text, device will runs with jerks in this case.

threadedTextRetrieving = true

This will store rendered surface to memory to increase performance, actually is not well tested.

useRenderCaching = false

Using plain search, would take a long time to search, but no pre-built index is required.

searchUsingSword = false

To accelerate redraw you can switch following option. That also will increase memory usage and time to appear item on display.

useStaticText = false


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