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Installing Own Modules

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2014-08-02


    I have trialled several programs based around the Sword project e.g. PocketSword, eSword for use on an iPad. On both programs I was able to upload files from a Bible translation program in which I am involved. I am now trying BT Mini on an Android phone and am wondering whether there is a facility to install one's own modules. If so what format do they need to be in?

    Thanks in anticipation of your help.



  • Konstantin Maslyuk

    Hi, i have complete manual on this matter , but this in russian ( may be google translate would help,

    In the base you would place your modules by hands, the Sword folder is located on the first storage in folder .sword - it is hidden by default, you would use file manager that sees hidden files.

    I can tell you more, need you?

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2014-08-05

      Hi and thanks for what you have shared. I have to confess that I am only a new Android user and so still not familiar at all with the way files and folders are stored. I will have to spend some time getting familiar.

      Regards, Bill

      • Konstantin Maslyuk

        God bless you

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    Anonymous - 2015-08-20

    Trying so hard to use bible on my blackberry Q5 but to no avail. I can't even see the bibles I've installed and can't read anything as well. Any help?

    • Konstantin Maslyuk

      Hi. I have no Blackberry device, so i only able to fix issuer by your requests. You would contact to me via email ( for more reliable feedback.

      Can you explain more detailed what you experienced after installing and launching BibleTime Mini on your device? You would had updated modules cache and see available modules, but after installing one, there was nothing happens, and you see available Bibles again. If so, try another connection/provider/router because i had such problem and it was in my router.

      At moment i can not help you more :^(



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