#1 How do I install this program?


The screenshots on "Bibi" got me interested in this
program, because I am looking for a program that can
manage Bibtex entries more easily than my notepad editor.

However after downloading the program I got a zip file
"bibi-2.0-beta.tgz" which is full of *.class files, but
has no executables, and no installation instructions.

I suppose I have to compile this program by myself, but
how do I do this?? I am using Windows XP. I'd be very
happy if you could give me a hint on how to do this or
what program to use, because I would really like to try
Bibi out.

Many thanks in advance!


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Hi David,
    I was like you a bit puzzled by the lack of instructions...
    However, I tried to double-click on the MS-DOS script called bibi
    and this automatically launched the Java compilation of the
    class files and then launched the program. If you have a running
    Java Runtime Environment on your computer (and I bet you have),
    it should work fine for you, too.
    Hope that it helps!

  • Ute Schröder

    Ute Schröder - 2009-03-01
    • status: open --> closed

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