Hi all,

Great! Thanks! I think I'll be using the script + script group approach, as I don't have a formal rss reader. Well, I suppose I could be using safari for such purpose.

Nonetheless, if rss is tricky, how about managing scheduled update of script group? Then we'd have a script group always containing the latest publications matching a search..

Thanks again!

Le 29 janv. 08 à 15:26, Derick Fay a écrit :

As an alternative to creating a script & script group in BD, you could set up a script in an RSS reader to create a new BD item. I have an Applescript which will create a new BibDesk item based (imperfectly, but a best guess) on an item in an RSS feed in NetNewsWire, available here: http://dfay.fastmail.fm/bibdesk/ -- this should be easily adaptable to any newsreader that supports Applescript.  My workflow is to use NNW &/or web browser to check out lit., & only import it to BD if it's something I want to read, so this works for me.

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You can add a script group with a script that reads RSS feeds. Adam  
has made a script to read pubmed, which is available at <http:// 

The problem with adding a generic RSS feed script is that we don't  
know what we get, so we don't know how to interpret the RSS feed. It  
depends on the source of the feed. if you look inside the source of  
Adam's script you'll see that most of the code is PubMed specific.  
Most of the generic handling is already there in the script group.


On 29 Jan 2008, at 10:13 AM, Etienne Roesch wrote:

Hi all,

Not sure how difficult that'd be but, pubmed (and i am sure others as
well) has this great feature for saving research items as rss feeds,
which allows to quickly see if a new publication matching your
research criteria has come up. I do think integrating an rss reader
to bibdesk would of interest for many people. What do you think?

Best regards,


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