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On 4/17/06, Adam R. Maxwell <amaxwell@mac.com> wrote:

This is the main reason we added File -> New Group With Selection.
Use one of the duplicate selection menu items, then create a new
group with the selected publications.  If you want to compare based
on Title, sort by Title and choose Publication -> Select Duplicates
by Title.

Dear Adam,

It was just discovering that this afternoon that made me think of having it as a smartgroup. But I take the point, and thanks for the hint - I'd clearly it on the right usage.  A question, though: is it possible to "delete" a group (keeping the entries, obviously)?

You should be able to do this by selecting the group, then selecting all the entries in the group and hitting the delete key.  You'll be presented with a warning dialog that says you're about to remove N entries from the group (unless you've disabled warnings).


I guess you want the opposite: remove the group without deleting the items? Then just hit delete when you select the group, making sure the group table is selected and not the item table. This is only possible for smart groups, as other groups are automatically generated based on the values of the items. 

The message subject is out of date, I think; at any rate, my suggestion was based on a non-smart group that was created using the New Group With Selection menu item.