Hi all,

I would like to know what is your favourite way of using the the .bib database produced by BibDesk. At the moment, I have a large folder containing one large database.bib file and the corresponding archived pdf.

When I am writing a paper, I make a symbolic link to database.bib and I include it in my .tex file. The main advantage is that I usually amend the database or add new entries as I write, and this allows the changes take place centrally. 

The disadvantage is that when I have to include the .bib file in my publication, I have to send the publishers a massive .bib file, full of useless entries. 

Also, when I move to a different computer to do some editing, I have the same problem.

The alternative seems to be to build up a local copy of the database, which kills the main advantage to have a centralised database.

What is your workflow?