#782 import from the inspire database


I am using the inspire database and I cannot import any search result into my library. The website load successfully and I can search for articles but the the box below there is nothing to import. So if I want to add an entry in need to fill it up manually.
It used to be possible with the old database "spires".
I can import entries from other databases like google scholar.


  • INSPIRE support is already there, but apparently they have changed their web location. This is fixed in the next nightly build.

  • I tried the latest night built, as I said before, I can go to inspire and search articles but the results cannot be imported in my bibdesk library. If I want to add that article I need to manually create an entries with title author etc...

  • I said *next* nightly build. You cannot have tested that before your last comment, because it did not exist yet at that time.

  • my apologies..I misread your previous comment. I downloaded the latest night built and it works!
    thank you so much

    • status: open --> closed