#767 bibtex's small buffer length does not accept long lines


Hello the dev team,

I have recently imported a citation from the following URL, and found that a very long author list cannot be handled with by bibtex command.


Since the number of authors in the paper is 671, when I run bibtex (or jbibtex) command in Terminal.app, I get the following error.

Database file #1: oxon.bib
Sorry---you've exceeded BibTeX's buffer size 9000
zsh: segmentation fault jbibtex OkumuraCone

You can easily see this problem when you see BibDesk' preview panel.

I would like you to update BibDesk so that it can automatically insert some LFs at appropriate positions when it saves long author list or long abstract.

I am using Mac OS X 10.7.3 + BibDesk 1.5.7 + pTeX @20110314, Revision 1 (from MacPorts)


  • oxon

    oxon - 2012-04-02

    The buffer length of 9000 chars is hard coded in the bibtex source code. So the user has to build bibtex from scratch, or the .bib generator (i.e. BibDesk) has to insert LFs.

  • Christiaan Hofman

    • status: open --> closed
  • Christiaan Hofman

    In fact I see now you're not even talking about BibDesk, but about bibtex. So you're at the wrong place, this is or BibDesk.


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