#759 Option to change double-click behaviour


Please consider adding an option in BibDesk preferences to change the behaviour when I double-click on a publication in the publication list.

Current situation:
Double-clicking on the publication brings up the "Get Info" dialog.

My proposal:
Double-clicking on the publication name should open the publication's PDF. (Currently, to open the PDF, I have to double-click in the Preview pane.)

1. The proposed behaviour would match that of iTunes, which BibDesk closely resembles. In iTunes, one double-clicks on a song title to play it; its "Get Info" box is available from a right-click menu.
2. It is far more common to *read* entries in a bibliography than to *edit* them, so the action required to read an entry should be minimal. It is easier and more intuitive to open a publication for reading by double-clicking on its name, than by single-clicking on its name and then double-clicking on its PDF in the Preview pane.

Thank you very much for creating and maintaining this wonderful software.


  • Christiaan Hofman

    BibDesk is primarily a citation manager. Not a file organizer. therefore the main function is to edit the data. That means double click should show the editor. This is also a very big difference with iTunes, which is primarily used to organize music/media files and play them. Moreover, an item can link to multiple files, so open what file? In fact that shows it's not a file organizer, otherwise there would be items for files rather than item,s for citations linking to files.

    Apart from that, what you want is already sufficiently supported without impeding BibDesk's main function as you'd want. Add a Local File column, and double click there to open the linked file(s).

  • Christiaan Hofman

    • status: open --> closed

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