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BF Debug 0.2.5 Released

This is a minor upgrade release in terms of the actual project, but I've added an installation wizard to make it more like a "real" application, including shortcuts and associating file types with this application in the OS.

Bug fixes are relatively little, but I am going to be doing quite a bit more work on this in the near term.

Posted by Robert Scott Horning 2004-02-24

BF Debug 0.2 is released

Version 0.2 has a number of significant changes over the previous version, including full support from the debugging screen, single step instructions, breakpoints, and other features commonly found in an IDE for most other languages.

This project is essentially an IDE for developing software using the Brainf*** programming language. I've been able to develop several programs with this tool, and it has been very useful to tweak problems and identify especially inside loops where problems in the BF programs are.... read more

Posted by Robert Scott Horning 2003-01-24

BF Debug 0.1 is released

The initial prototype version of the BF Debugger is now available for downloading, as well as in the CVS archive. You can run Brainf*** programs in it, although the user interface probabally needs a little more work, and it isn't interactive. The debug screen will seem to hang if you choose a memory model greater than the 2048 words option, although BF programs don't seem to have a problem when they are running without the debugger itself. 64-bit memory words are an interesting option that I havn't seen in other version of BF before.

Posted by Robert Scott Horning 2002-09-22