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2.0.1 Release

Just a small change in the makefile/configure scripts. No functional changes, so you don't have to update if you already have 2.0 installed.

Posted by Mike Heffner 2001-04-15

2.0 Released

I have just finished adding 2.0 release to the download section. A few fixes from the last stable beta, but not much.

This is a major rewrite compared with version 1.0. BFBTester is now supported on Solaris and Linux platforms (and still supported on FreeBSD).

Posted by Mike Heffner 2001-01-22

Stable 2.0 tag put down

I just layed down the stable-2-0 tag. Please let me know of any remaining problems. There will probably be a stable release in the near future.

Posted by Mike Heffner 2000-12-26

New beta release

I have uploaded a new beta release (12/17/2000). This will probably be the last before going to stable, so please let me know of any remaining bugs.

Posted by Mike Heffner 2000-12-17

Webpage has moved, 2.0-STABLE tag coming

Well, I'm switching cable modem providers, so the current BFBTester webpage is
soon to become extinct. I've moved the webpage to Sourceforge at:

I made some slight modifications with the page as well.

Also, I'm probably going to lay down a stable-2-0 tag on the cvs repository as
I'm planning on making a 2.0 release.

Posted by Mike Heffner 2000-12-17


Just created a SourceForge project page for BFBTester. The main page for BFBTester will still currently be Having some problems with CVS, but it should be up and running in a little while.

Posted by Mike Heffner 2000-10-03