#8 keyboard shortcut for compare with latest revision


Forgive me if this is already configurable within Eclipse, but if it is not, I would love to see a keyboard shortcut for comparing the currently highlighted file with the latest revision from source control. I find that this is a very common use case for me, and it gets a little old having to constantly right click, compare to, latest revision. If I could just highlight the file and hit F12 (or something) it would be a lot easier.


  • Chris Callendar

    Chris Callendar - 2009-08-26

    Great idea! For now I've made the shortcut key be:
    (F12 is used by something else)

    CTRL+SHIFT+C is also the combo that I assign in Beyond Compare for copying the selected changes from one side to the other side :).

    These changes are in version 0.8.7 (I replaced the previous 0.8.7 with the new build since very little had changed). Sometimes Eclipse caches plug-ins, so if it doesn't work immediately that is probably why.

  • Chris Callendar

    Chris Callendar - 2009-08-26
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