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I am developing a plugin that connects any project to RSE-Profiles in a way that you can simply upload a file by right-click to a remote position (SFTP, FTP, etc). Thus i dont need any WinSCP nor putty for my (mostly) PHP projects. I like the idea of integrate beyond compare in eclipse so i use your plugin, too. My plugin will contain a compare-to-remote-directory-function that shows some sync-view for every different file.
Maybe you are interested in integrating my plugin into yours. Therefore i dont need to create a new sourceforge project. And we all can participate.

Thx for feedback.


  • Chris Callendar

    Chris Callendar - 2008-12-05

    Hi Markus,

    I apologize I missed this feature request. Have you made any progress on your plug-in? I'm certainly interested. I believe all my code in stored in Sourceforge CVS so obviously you can check it out if that interests you! I currently have some interfaces to handle different types of "remote files" - e.g stored in CVS or SVN Subclipse, or SVN Subversive. So possibly your remote directory files could be a fourth kind of remote file?

  • Chris Callendar

    Chris Callendar - 2008-12-05
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