#8 Eclipse 3.5M1 Preferences error

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In version 0.8.2 it doesn't work with Eclipse 3.5M1.

If you open the preferences page and choose External Tools Launcher, an error message comes up (see attachement pref_error_msg.jpg). Also, if you try to use Beyond Compare somehow the message "The choosen operation is not currently available" appears.

Plug-in v0.8.1 works fine with that version of Eclipse.


  • Chris Callendar

    Chris Callendar - 2008-09-19

    I've tested this on Eclipse 3.5M1 and it works for me just fine on a clean install and a new workspace. I'll keep testing and see if I can reproduce it. I did add some new preferences in version 0.8.2, so it's not a complete surprise.

  • Chris Callendar

    Chris Callendar - 2008-09-22

    It turns out that this was most likely just a caching problem, and the new version works after all.

  • Chris Callendar

    Chris Callendar - 2008-09-22
    • status: open --> closed-works-for-me

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