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1-1 release - JVM wide

The 1-1 release is compatible with besee-2-x architecture (CVS snapshot needed, module besee2), which leverage beSee features to the whole JVM.

Posted by Alex Vasseur 2003-06-19

1-0 release (bug fix)

1-0 release for a small bug fix on javassist switch statement support.

Posted by Alex Vasseur 2003-05-06

1.0b1 released with site update

go for it and give a try

Posted by Alex Vasseur 2003-03-07

site is up :

Still lot of documentation to write, but the process is up - with maven sshdeploy magic.

Posted by Alex Vasseur 2003-02-26

1.0 ready - maven doc in progress

1.0 will be released soon, with hot configuration support thru JMX. maven documentation is under writing.

Posted by Alex Vasseur 2003-02-24

SF approved, alpha planned

SourceForge teams have approved the project.
A alpha release will be available in Q1 2003 to demonstrate the de facto value added of beSee on your WebLogic architecture.
Stay tune.
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Posted by Alex Vasseur 2003-02-13