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Bennu 0.2 released, can load iCal files!

Just a short update to let everyone know that thanks to the effort of Mark Johnson we have released a new version of Bennu (0.2).

Most importantly, this release adds support for unserializing (reading) saved iCal files!

It also adds support for these components:

And finally, it adds support for these properties:

Posted by Jon Papaioannou 2010-05-01

Bennu is not dead, just asleep...

This seems like high time to make at least a minor update to the project page, for the sake of people who have been or will be interested in Bennu.

As anyone can see, the project has been on ice for almost a year now (after a brief period of activity at startup time). This has _not_ happened because I forgot about it, or got bored with it, or don't need a library such as Bennu anymore.

The reason behind the lapse is simply that I 've been recruited in the armed forces of my home country (much as I don't like it, we do have conscription here) and therefore cannot get any time at all to work on pet projects like Bennu. Even though I 'd very much like to.... read more

Posted by Jon Papaioannou 2006-10-04

Bennu web site launched

As you can see, Bennu now has a website (well, sort of). Approximately for the next month there will be no time at all to work on the project (or the website, for that matter), so I hope this will be good enough as a start.

Cheers to you!

Posted by Jon Papaioannou 2005-07-23

Bennu 0.1 released!

Today I 'm pleased to announce the very first Bennu release! It has been about a month since I started coding, and at this point it's good enough to be usable. Although most features are still missing, the groundwork has been laid and right now it's a matter of filling in the gaps...

What you can do with it right now is to construct a VCALENDAR object, populate it with a bunch of VEVENTs (all properties and parameters for both are supported) and get a nice serialized representation that you can export to a file. One of Bennu's goals is to keep this process dead simple, and I hope it lives up to your expectations.... read more

Posted by Jon Papaioannou 2005-07-21

First release in a few days

I 've been slowly working on Bennu for the past week, and it looks like version 0.1 will be ready for release in a few days.

This initial release will feature constructing a VCALENDAR object consisting of VEVENTs and serializing it as a string (which is then presumably written out to a file).


Posted by Jon Papaioannou 2005-07-07

Welcome to Bennu!

The Bennu project has been recently created and the first code is in CVS right now!

The code is alpha-level, the design is mostly finalized but some things (not major) may still change. What needs to be done is fill in the gaps... and there are lots of them.

Still, Bennu is working already. Take a look at the examples included in the distribution.

Posted by Jon Papaioannou 2005-07-01