• Andres Gomez Casanova

    I would like to know if the code is hosted somewhere. It is a good practice to publish the code in a control version system in order to provide patches. Releasing the code as part of the released versions is fine, but not enough because it does know show the code evolution.

    I have asked this question as a ticket, but it was never answered:

    I have seem a project in GitHub that takes the code and convert it to Maven (not a bad idea actually):

    I would like to provide DB2 capabilities, and I know there was a "patch" for that, but it did not work correctly, and then it was removed from the released version.

  • Andres Gomez Casanova

    I already create my own branch of this project in GitHub, and I corrected the DB2 part. At the same time, I test the correct installation process by using a Continuous Integration service provided by Travis-CI

    For more information, check my branch:


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