Something strange, bug ?

  • lechosław

    lechosław - 2011-07-19

    I found something strange in the code:

    Table "customer"
    create table customer (
      c_w_id         integer        not null,
      c_d_id         integer        not null,
      c_id           integer        not null,
      c_discount     decimal(4,4),
      c_credit       char(2),
      c_last         varchar(16),

    Code for inserting values:  (source file LoadJava)
              custPrepStmt.setLong(1, customer.c_id);
                    custPrepStmt.setLong(2, customer.c_d_id);
                    custPrepStmt.setLong(3, customer.c_w_id);
                    custPrepStmt.setDouble(4, customer.c_discount);
                    custPrepStmt.setString(5, customer.c_credit);
    The same for generating csv files.

    Pay attention that the order for c_id, c_d_id, c_w_id column is different.

    While running the benchmark test I'm receiving a lot of messages:

    java.lang.Exception: C_ID=2296 C_D_ID=5 C_W_ID=1 not found!
    at client.jTPCCTerminal.paymentTransaction(
    at client.jTPCCTerminal.executeTransaction(
    at client.jTPCCTerminal.executeTransactions(

    It is because the column "C_ID" is filled with number 1..(number of warehouses) but while generating the query the value for "C_ID" column takes values from 1 to 3000.

    May be I'm missing something - please tell it it is a bug or works as expected.

  • Denis Lussier

    Denis Lussier - 2014-03-13

    This has been fixed in version 4.0


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