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Status update

It has been more than a year since the last update, I know. Since then, BeFS has become a part of the official 2.4 and 2.5 kernel trees. This is the reason that the cvs repository has not recieved any updates: the code is being maintained in-tree. It is not abandoned, but I do consider the read-only functionality of the driver to be complete.

Posted by Will Dyson 2003-05-06

BeFS in 3rd party patchsets

The BeFS driver (version 0.92) is now included in several 3rd party kernel patchsets. To my knowledge, it is now in the following patchsets: WOLK <>, LKPC <>, and Alan Cox's -ac patchs <>

Posted by Will Dyson 2002-04-05

BeFS 0.92

One of those "better late than never" announcements. I released BeFS 0.92 on March 28. It contained only bugfixes over 0.90.

Posted by Will Dyson 2002-04-05

Version 0.9 is released

Not many changes, big bump in version number. The major change in this release is Sergey S. Kostyliov's excelent patch to eliminate memcpy() overhead from b+tree operations.

Posted by Will Dyson 2002-03-14

Shiny new webpage

Look upon my shiny new webpage and be amazed! The old page is still available at

Posted by Will Dyson 2002-02-25

Version 0.64

Version 0.64 is here. Look at the changelog if you want.

Posted by Will Dyson 2002-02-08

Befs 0.63 released

Fixes 2 serious bugs and a compile warning. Adds support for long symlinks. Fixes makefile problem when CONFIG_MODVERSIONS is set.

Posted by Will Dyson 2002-01-31

Version 0.62 released

Version 0.62 of the BeFS driver for linux is released. Changes include small code improvements and the release of the code as a tarball to build outside the kernel tree.

Posted by Will Dyson 2002-01-21

PPC testers needed

I am working on byte-swapping support for the next version. I need both a PPC-formated filesystem image to test on my x86 box, and a person willing to test an x86-formatted filesystem on linux-PPC. Please mail me if you can help with either of these.

Posted by Will Dyson 2001-12-28

Version 0.60 released

Version 0.60 of the befs driver for the linux kernel has been released. The release contains performance enhancements, minor bugfixes, and new features.

Specificly: read performance was speeded up some, a minor bug in directory reads was fixed, and NLS charset translation was enabled.

Posted by Will Dyson 2001-12-23

Test news

I'm just testing the news release thing

Posted by Will Dyson 2001-12-15