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  • Luciano Castro

    Luciano Castro - 2009-09-09


    we are testing beet to use it with our application. When tring to track methods, the only kind of line that apears in the log file is something like this:

    <event <type>method</type><name>org.springframework.web.HttpRequestHandler.handleRequest</name> .(more log here). </event>

    This class ( HttpRequestHandler ) does all HTTP handling in our application. Does Beet only log the method that execute a HTTP request?
    I put \&quot;track-method-expression=\&quot;execution(**(..))\&quot; in configuration file. Wasnt it suposed to log every method in every class of every package inside ?

    Adicional Info:
    OS: Windows XP sp3
    JDK: 1.6.0_07
    Tomcat: 5.5.26
    Spring: 2.5.2

    Our spring configuration have several files, should i add beet configuration to all config files?
    The configuration i did is basicaly the same as the tutorial.

        <bt:manager application="CPL" flush-schedule="0/30 * * * * ?"
            <bt:xml-persister binary="false" compress="false" file="${catalina.home}/logs/beet-hello-perf.xml"/>       

    thank you =)

    • Jettro Coenradie

      I had the exact same problem, I think. Are you loading one file using the dispatcher configuration and the others using the context loader listener? If that is the case you have two different contexts, one for the web and one for the application. You can exchange beans, but pointcuts do not work. Easy to overcome when you want to track methods in beans residing in only one of the two mentioned contexts by moving the manager into that config. It should not be necessary to place the configuration into all files, only in the web part and the context loader part.

      Hope that helps

  • Jason Trump

    Jason Trump - 2009-09-13

    hi Luciano,

    Just following up.  Did jettro's fix work for you?  It sounded like you were encountering a similar problem.


  • Luciano Castro

    Luciano Castro - 2009-10-06

    hi! im sorry for  the delay, i was working on other issues.

    let me explain how our application works:

    -There is a server running on Tomcat.
    -And a front-end which is a java swing application, running on the client machine.

    I tried to put beet configuration on front-end but nothing appears on log.
    The server log behaves like i said in the previous post.

    Thanks for the replies.

  • Jason Trump

    Jason Trump - 2009-10-11

    hi luciano,

    a swing frontend!  this is really a new flavor of application for us around here.  i'm looking at your expression:


    1. are all of your classes in, or do you want to include subpackages (
    2. do your classes implement any interfaces?
    3. do you have cglib and asm libraries included?
    4. do you have any other aop configuration?
    5. do the bean definitions occur in the same configuration file with &lt;bt:manager&gt; or in a different file?



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