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  • Jason Trump

    Jason Trump - 2009-05-24

    Hello forum readers,

    As discussed on this thread (, I will attempt to put together something like a release roadmap covering potential beet development for the next year or so.  The roadmap will be up on the main beet project site, with the intent that we can use the forum and/or mailing lists to refine what goes on roadmap.  Look for the roadmap to appear on the site, with a news item announcement, some time before Tuesday, May 26.

    In the meantime, if there is anything you'd really like to see show up on the roadmap in a future release, please bring it up here or post a message on the mailing list.  Don't be shy.

    A related item; SourceForge is discontinuing support for its built-in development forums (where you are most likely reading this message).  The forums will still exist, but they'll be implemented differently (phpBB application) and hosted at a different URL.  Once I get migration instructions, I'll migrate the existing data and update site links.


    • Pragnesh

      Pragnesh - 2009-05-29

      Hi Jason,

      Should we also consider Maven project builds as it is becoming increasingly popular?

      - PP

      • Jason Trump

        Jason Trump - 2009-05-29

        We already generate a maven POM and host builds in a temporary maven repository as documented on the downloads page (  We'll definitely send final releases to the central repository.

        As wis pointed out, we should also be including source and javadocs in the maven repo / POM file.  There's an open issue ( to be resolved before 1.4.0 final.

        Regarding the build system itself, there's an experimental source branch for migrating the build to use EasyAnt (  EasyAnt is a maven-like build system based on Ant and Ivy, so it is closely related to the current build scheme.  It should be a big improvement in terms of maintenance.

        EasyAnt is still in heavy development and not quite mature enough to be the main build for beet, but I'm a fan of the project so I'd like to show it some support.  They've already accepted several patches specifically targeted for beet compatibility.



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