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I changed the interfaces for the adapters once more (added e

SQLite and SerialPort adapters are working. There is no test page for these adapters yet, but you can download the code. You can test the Python script engine at Test It page.

Posted by Erez Bibi 2007-03-24

Next step is to write a SQLite adapter

I fixed few bugs and made few changes, some of the features will have to wait for version 2, but it seams like Beesnest is stable now. (I think I can call it V1.1 for now...)
I already have a working Python script engine, go to Test It and you will see. Now I will write the first adapter, An embedded SQL database, using SQLite.

Posted by Erez Bibi 2007-03-09

Some changes to V1.0

I made some changes to the interface files, and to the implementation. So I guess I can call it now V1.1 (I don't really keep truck of versions...)

Posted by Erez Bibi 2007-03-02

Python script engine is working

The Python script engine is mostly working now. I need to fix a few more things, and I want to make it a bit more efficient.


Posted by Erez Bibi 2007-02-17

Beesnest V1.0 is done

Well, I think I'm done with version 1.0 of Beesnest.
I cannot fully test the script engine, and the
adapters. That will have to wait until I have my first fully functional script
engine. My next task is to build a Python script engine.

Posted by Erez Bibi 2007-02-08

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