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BeeCrypt crypto library 4.1.2 (stable) released

A bug-fix release, resolving compilation problems on a few platforms. Thanks to everyone who provided feedback.

Posted by Bob Deblier 2004-12-21

BeeCrypt crypto library 4.1.1 (stable) released

A respin of 4.1.0, with corrected shared library version info. Instead of using the 4.1.0 tarball, please use this release.

Posted by Bob Deblier 2004-11-19

BeeCrypt crypto library 4.1.0 (stable) released

What's new in this release: a few new hash algorithms, bug fixes, optimization work on swapping 32-bit and 64-bit values, a lot of improvements in the C++ API, many more algorithms in the base C++ provider. For more details please consult the release notes.


Bob Deblier

Posted by Bob Deblier 2004-11-18

Developer mailing list created

For all people developing software with BeeCrypt: a mailing list has been set up on which you can ask questions in a more convenient way than through the SourceForge forums.

If you want to know the ins and outs, the howtos and tweaks, if you'd like a certain feature added, then hike over there and subcribe. Feel free to ask!


Bob Deblier

Posted by Bob Deblier 2004-10-12

BeeCrypt crypto library 4.0.0 (stable) released

It's been about a year since the last release, so I'm glad to announce that BeeCrypt development is once again in full swing, thanks to the Beeyond Software Holding BV in the Netherlands.

Aside from bugs fixes and added assembler routines for x86_64 and s390x, the major new feature is a C++ API designed to resemble Java's security and cryptography API. For more details please consult the release notes.... read more

Posted by Bob Deblier 2004-07-28

4.0.0 alpha testers wanted

Version 4.0.0 is approaching a usable state, but hasn't been committed to the SourceForge CVS.

I'd like a few volunteers to torture it. New features include a C++ API built along based on Java's security & crypto API, with a base provider offering object-oriented access to public key routines; improved x86_64 support (I finally upgraded my ancient Pentium III ;)

Visual Studio solution files can be provided for people developing on Win32 platforms.... read more

Posted by Bob Deblier 2004-07-19

3.1.0 released

A few bugs fixes, and a security improvement. Please see the release notes for the details.

GPG signatures for file releases will be made available from now on.


Bob Deblier

Posted by Bob Deblier 2003-08-17

3.0.0 released

Happy solstice to everyone - a good occasion for (finally!) releasing the all-new-and-improved BeeCrypt, with vastly improved support for 64-bit machines. Have a look at the modular exponentiation benchmarks for Opteron and you'll see what I mean...

Note to existing users: the API has changed (hence the major version upgrade) to make it more consistent, and to eliminate the parts that seemed to confuse most of the users.... read more

Posted by Bob Deblier 2003-06-21

3.0.0 alpha testers wanted

If you're a BeeCrypt user, please check out the latest code from the archive - there's still quite a bit of testing to do. For this I'd like volunteers to try and compile the new code on as many different platforms as possible.

Doesn't matter if you have a recent high-end 64-bit machine, or something more modest - if you're interested in giving me a hand with testing, please contact me. I'm looking in particular for people who are using Linux on Itanium, zSeries or Opteron machines.

Posted by Bob Deblier 2003-05-16

Documentation added

I've posted documentation about a feature change in the configure script of BeeCrypt, which should allow easier and better tuning for specific processors. Refer to the 'Docs' section on the SourceForge BeeCrypt projects page.

Comments are welcome, as are requests for more HOWTOs related to BeeCrypt.

Posted by Bob Deblier 2003-02-22

Speedup on Pentium 4

I've commited code to speed up the performance of multi-precision integer multiplication on processors which support SSE2 instructions (i.e. Intel Pentium 4).

The speedup is about 2x on my test platform, a Pentium 4 Mobile 1700.

To enable these on Linux/Un*x, use the --enable-sse2 switch with the configure command.

For the win32 platform, see file Makefile.mak - you have to add switch /DOPTIMIZE_SSE2 to ASFLAGS.

Posted by Bob Deblier 2003-01-28

Version numbering

Jeff Johnson, the guy behind RedHat's RPM, has been working on improving BeeCrypt with Doxygen documentation, and lclint/splint code checking.

To prevent any confusion with version 2.2.0 that he's been preparing for inclusion in the next release of RedHat Linux, the next official release of BeeCrypt available through this website will be labeled 2.3.0.

This 2.3.0 release will integrate (most) of Jeff's enhancements with the main BeeCrypt tree currently in the SourceForge CVS.... read more

Posted by Bob Deblier 2002-06-14

Status update

BeeCrypt is stabilized for the 2.2.0 release; I've updated needed by the autotools files, and am adding unit tests to verify (eventually) every bit of code, to further improve the quality. One major step to be taken is the integration of Jeff Johnson's Doxygen documentation - I'm already working on that part.

Posted by Bob Deblier 2002-06-09

BeeCrypt 2.1.0 is available

Version 2.1.0 source and precompiled versions, include i386, i586, i686 and ppc RPMS are available for download.

The most important features of this release are the switch to automake & libtool for compiling; improved entropy gathering routines; the fixing of a few bugs; addition of more assembler code, and slight improvements in existing assembler code. The full list of changes is included in the source distribution.... read more

Posted by Bob Deblier 2001-06-14

Updates in CVS tree

The CVS tree has been update with a whole batch of changes, primarily to switch over to building the library with automake & libtool.
A few bugs have also been fixed. For more information see file NEWS in the tree.

Posted by Bob Deblier 2001-04-26

BeeCrypt moving to automake & libtool

I'm in the process of rounding up the use of automake & libtool in BeeCrypt. The CVS tree will be updated with a 2.1.0 prerelease soon.

Posted by Bob Deblier 2001-04-22

BeeCrypt 2.0.0 x86 RPMs available.

I've just posted the x86 RPMs for beecrypt-2.0.0. Since they were compiled on a system running RedHat 7.0 (which uses rpm version 4) they may not work on a pre-7.0 system. All RPMs are gpg-signed.

Posted by Bob Deblier 2001-03-01

BeeCrypt 2.0.0 is available.

Version 2.0.0 of the BeeCrypt crypto library 2.0.0 is available for download, with many added algorithms and a few bugfixes.

So far only the source tarball is available, but the RPMS will start appearing in the next few days. I'll also investigate creating a debian installer.

Bob Deblier
Virtual Unlimited

Posted by Bob Deblier 2001-02-27

BeeCrypt release 1.1.2 is available.

This version fixes a bug in the creation of discrete logarithm domain parameters, more specifically in the creation of generators.
The MD5 hash function was added to the library.

Posted by Bob Deblier 2000-10-13

Release 1.1.1 is available.

This release fixes a bug in the java glue for blockcipher IV setup. The library has been made more portable: it should now also compile with Visual C++. It has been tested Alpha Linux, FreeBSD and Tru64 UNIX. Initial support for QNX was added.

Posted by Bob Deblier 2000-10-12

Release 1.1.0 is available

BeeCrypt 1.1.0 is now available for download. For the full list of changes, see

The new RPMS will show up in a few hours.

Posted by Bob Deblier 2000-09-08

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