BeeCrypt installation on BSD

  • gtsjames

    gtsjames - 2007-07-19

    I have installed beecrypt 4.1.2 using the make all and it seems to install properly, but whenever I try to configure rpm for install It quits with the following error.

    checking beecrypt/api.h usability... yes
    checking beecrypt/api.h presence... yes
    checking for beecrypt/api.h... yes
    checking for mpfprintln in -lbeecrypt... no
    checking whether to build with BeeCrypt library... no
    configure: error: mandatory BeeCrypt library not found

    I would appreciate any help.

    • Bob Deblier

      Bob Deblier - 2007-07-20

      Can I ask you to answer the following question to help me determine the exact nature of your problem:
      - How did you configure BeeCrypt? [Exact parameters, please]
      - Which BSD are you using?
      - What version of RPM are you trying to compile?



    • gtsjames

      gtsjames - 2007-07-20

      - I used default settings for both the configure and install of BeeCrypt"
      "./configure" and then "make install"

      - FreeBSD 4.6
      - RPM 5.0

      • Bob Deblier

        Bob Deblier - 2007-07-21

        That means that the beecrypt library probably got installed under /usr/local/lib; if that path is not on your LD_LIBRARY_PATH it won't be picked up. Use a make uninstall to remove BeeCrypt from its current location, then reconfigure with:

        "./configure --prefix=/usr"

        Let me know if that fixes your problem.



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