Compiling on Windows with MinGW/MSYS

  • Brecht Sanders

    Brecht Sanders - 2009-07-31

    Since version 4.2.0 beecrypt can no longer be linked using MinGW/MSYS on Windows.
    I get the same errors when I use--enable-openmp or  --disable-openmp.
    This is the relevant error output:

    Creating library file: .libs/libbeecrypt.dll.a.libs/md4.o:md4.c:(.text+0x571): undefined reference to `_imp__mpsetw'
    .libs/md4.o:md4.c:(.text+0x58a): undefined reference to `_imp__mplshift'
    .libs/md4.o:md4.c:(.text+0x5a2): undefined reference to `_imp__mpadd'
    .libs/md4.o:md4.c:(.text+0x651): undefined reference to `_imp__mpzero

    • Bob Deblier

      Bob Deblier - 2009-07-31

      Looks like the build forgets to add the assembler-optimized routines. Can you check if:
      - file mpopt.s is empty, or contains assembler source?
      - there is an mpopt.o file?

      Thanks in advance

      • Bob Deblier

        Bob Deblier - 2009-08-01

        Looks like there is a line missing at the start of file 'md4.c' - if you add this everything should work:

        #define BEECRYPT_DLL_EXPORT

        I'll apply this fix to the source tree for inclusion in the next patch release.


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