SHA 384

  • Eric M. Hopper

    Eric M. Hopper - 2004-10-09

    I'm developing a piece of software in Python (, and I need a portable library for doing RSA, AES, SHA-256, and SHA-384.  HMAC-SHA-256 would be a nice bonus.  So far, this library comes closest to what I need.

    The interfaces for all the other libraries make all kinds of annoying assumptions about how you intend to use the RSA algorithm that don't fit what I want to do with it.  (You are using X.509 certificates aren't you?  You are using this padding tehcnique for RSA, aren't you?  Obviously you want to use the block cipher in CBC mode!  Obviously, you want me to generate the random numbers for you!)  This is the only library that doesn't, aside from my own library I cobbled together out of the (non-portable) GNU mp library.

    But, you're still missing SHA-384.

    If I get a wild hair, would you accept the patch if I adapted the following library for doing SHA-384 and SHA-512 for your API?

    • Eric M. Hopper

      Eric M. Hopper - 2004-10-10

      Oh, scratch that.  I see the latest CVS has SHA-384.  Thanks.


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