#5 Search multiple dictionaries

Lyndon Hill

It would be nice to enter a word and have zbedic search multiple files for the answer.

This is useful if you have more than one dictionary for a language, also for different types of dictionary, e.g.

dictionary 1 = general language
dictionary 2 = technical
dictionary 3 = medical

The user shouldn't have to select the "correct" dictionary.

I think this feature could be added easily but some thought might be required on how to render the list of words in the text box on the left.


  • Rafal Mantiuk

    Rafal Mantiuk - 2006-11-28

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    This is one of the planned features (see http://bedic.sourceforge.net/fddd.html\).

    Currently, I do not plan any major release, as I am too busy. Also, the zaurus community seems to be dwindling, so I wonder if there are going to be any people to download and install new software.

  • Lyndon Hill

    Lyndon Hill - 2006-11-28

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    Originator: YES

    I'm sorry to hear that. I don't think you should be put off by the negative discussions within OESF. It's true, Sharp will probably not release many new models of Zaurus but I think that there will be some, slowly over a long period of time. I also think there will continue to be a market for QT/e applications either on PDAs or smartphones; certainly as long as KDE uses QT as a basis there will be desktop applications.

    I think for this kind of project, you do it because you find your own reward in it, not because there is kudos in working on a 1000-user program.

    I hope you keep working on it, it's a very useful program I use all the time!!


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