Dear Wade,

Of course, all those variants are interesting :).
But as I see, the most important one - is the possibility to use project class path from Ant build.xml (so it will be the possibility to use corresponding *.bsh outside the NB)...



2008/4/30 Wade Chandler <>:
--- Andrey Siver <> wrote:
> Hello Wade,
> Thank you for the answer.
> I need to process a data from database and I see two ways: 1) Use Java only;
> 2) Use BeanShell with my JPA-classes (the way is like described here
> ).
> I use NB. It creates necessary build.xml for building the project. The idea
> is to use this build.xml, especially the full classpath, in my *.bsh and
> question is: how to make access to my JPA-classes easily.
> I use NB-modules
> for
> BeanShell and as I could understand they do not provide access to the
> project classpath.

It depends really. Are you wanting to do this from NetBeans while running a BeanShell script
where the BeanShell is actually part of NB running inside the JVM or are you wanting to do this
from Ant when your Ant script is run, and does this only need to happen when it is run from NB or
also from the command line (both when the build is run from NB and the command line)?


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